Thanks Mom

We don’t appreciate our mothers enough, and I definitely don’t. She feeds me fantastic home cooked meals everyday, she cleans the house (with my occasional help), she makes sure we get our vitamins, that we don’t spend too much time on the computer. She can’t sleep until we get home, often very late from parties or outings. She used to wake up at 5.30am just to wake us up for school, when she could have just thrown an alarm clock at us (which probably wouldn’t have worked well). She nags at us, but behind our backs she sings our praises to strangers and family. She’s apologised so many times for us. She doesn’t say ‘I love you’ much, in the typical Asian method of parenthood, but I feel her love every moment of every day. She brought us up right, and it’s because of her that I know that it’s important to be kind to everyone, to thank waitstaff, to help the elderly, to not judge, to live and let live, that character is a the measure of a man, not his successes or his wealth. Thanks Mom. I don’t know how I ever deserved a mom as good as you, but I’m thankful everyday.